The display skill of Jiangmen led cosmetic mirror

2019-12-29 20:15:09

The love of beauty is what everyone has. No matter about boys or girls, led make-up mirror is one of the household necessities. Get up in the morning every day, after washing, look at yourself in the LED make-up mirror, you will start a new day with full confidence. And in a small make-up mirror, there are many skills. Let's talk about some tips on how to place the LED vanity mirror in detail.

Tip 1: usually, led vanity mirror should be placed in a place with good light at home. If you put it in a dark place, you can't see yourself clearly.

Tip 2: the LED vanity mirror is not suitable to be placed directly at the door. Imagine that when I get home at night, in the dark room, I first see the vague shadow of a person in the make-up mirror. I guess I will be scared every day.

Tip 3: LED vanity mirror is also not suitable for facing the bedside. Otherwise, the light reflected by the mirror at night will affect people's mind attack illusion and fear, and the reflection of the mirror at night will affect their sleep quality, which simply leads to their energy insecurity and emotional instability.

Tip 4: it's better to have some small drawers in the place where the LED vanity mirror is placed, which can put some personal small items, such as ear studs, small hairpins, etc., so as to better decorate yourself.

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