Dampproof work of Jiangmen led cosmetic mirror

2019-12-29 20:16:03

Jiangmen led make-up mirror has the surface polishing metal equipment with regular reflection function and glass or metal products coated with metal reflection film. Often inlaid with metal, plastic or wooden frames. Led cosmetic mirror is divided into plane mirror and curved mirror. Curved mirror has concave mirror and convex mirror.

Process / approach

1. Usually, dry soft cloth is often used to scrub the appearance of LED vanity mirror, so that the vanity mirror is often monotonous and tidy. Try not to scrub with wet cloth, otherwise the mirror surface will be blurred and the glass will be easily corroded.

2. Use a dry cloth dipped with a proper amount of detergent to smear on the mirror surface and spread evenly. The active ingredients contained in xijieling can effectively avoid the condensation of water vapor on the mirror surface, which can play a good anti fog effect; it can also use astringent make-up water or detergent; together, it can be wiped with oil absorption paper, which has a good effect.

3. Jiangmen led make-up mirror glass before use, generally through the cutting. Water vapor will simply enter the mirror surface from the surrounding surface cut by the glass knife, corroding the mirror surface, producing mildew spots and rust spots. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a layer of paint on the surrounding surface of the cosmetic mirror after buying back the mirror. It is better to apply a layer on the back of the mirror to avoid black spots and mildew caused by water vapor. Extending the life of the mirror is to use.

4. Do not use wet hands to contact the LED vanity mirror, and do not use wet cloth to scrub the vanity mirror to avoid adding moisture; the vanity mirror cannot contact salt, grease and acid substances, which simply corrode the mirror surface; the mirror surface should be wiped with soft dry cloth or cotton to avoid the mirror surface being brushed.

5. You can use a soft cloth dipped in some fire oil or wax to scrub, or use a cloth dipped in milk to scrub the vanity mirror and frame to make them clear and bright; before bathing, you can change the mirror surface with soap, and then use a dry cloth to scrub, which forms a layer of soap liquid film on the mirror surface, which can prevent the mirror surface from blurring.

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