Method of preventing fogging of Jiangmen led cosmetic mirror

2019-12-29 20:16:39

Led make-up mirror is a necessary item in the bathroom, but it is more and more winter when the weather is cold. When bathing, it will be found that the LED make-up mirror is full of water mist, the image in the LED make-up mirror cannot be seen clearly on the bottom, and it is very difficult to wipe it with cloth. So is there any good way to prevent the water mist from the bath vanity mirror? Today, Xiaobian has brought several good ways to the little friends, which can effectively prevent the water mist from the bathroom led vanity mirror.

1: Mirror finishing soap

Moisten the soap, and then evenly smear it on the LED vanity mirror, or put it on your hand. After foaming, put it on the LED vanity mirror. After one to two minutes, wipe the soap off the LED vanity mirror with a fragile dry towel or cloth.

Principle and function: fragrance soap fills up the rough and bumpy place on the seemingly smooth led cosmetic mirror, so that the small water point can't be attached. The natural led cosmetic mirror is light, which is clear!

2: Mirror finishing detergent

Dip a proper amount of detergent (detergent) with a dry rag, do not dilute it, and evenly smear it on the mirror surface. After a period of time, the detergent will form a layer of distance layer to separate the mirror surface from the water vapor in the air, and then wipe the detergent off with a dry towel or cloth. This carved led cosmetic mirror has the function of anti fog.

Principle and function: the active ingredients contained in xijieling (xijieling) can effectively prevent the condensation of water vapor on the mirror surface and the fogging of the mirror surface. The area with modified washing and brushing is firm, durable and effective. In addition, the water vapor disperses quickly.

Three: Mirror wax

Use the torch to follow a single policy, wait a few minutes, and then quietly wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Function: it has certain function. But the torch will leave a trace on the mirror surface, which affects the normal use of the LED cosmetic mirror itself, so even anti fog is not recommended.

4: Alcohol for mirror coating

90% alcohol was used to modify the LED cosmetic mirror, and then it was wiped with wet cloth.

Function: it can prevent the glass from fogging at a certain level, but the effect is not good, which is similar to the result of using a candle torch.

5: Mirror finishing cream

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the LED vanity mirror (it is better to change it by hand), and then wipe it off with a dry towel or cloth.

Function: it has certain opposite ability to water vapor, but it also affects the transparency level of LED cosmetic mirror after coating. Even though it can prevent water vapor, it has limited effect, and it will be blurred after 20 seconds.

Research conclusion: from the beginning to the end about the changes of the above five common livelihood products on the mirror, from the beginning to the end of the experiment. After changing the detergent, clean it again. There is no influence on the brightness of the mirror surface, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the mirror from fogging. Scented soap can also prevent water vapor, but it's relatively cumbersome. In addition, there is no harm to choose anti fog led cosmetic mirror or anti fog film. However, the anti fog led cosmetic mirror only works well, but its value is high and power consumption is also high. The anti fog film is relatively better, and its value is moderate, and its use is simple.

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