Why acrylic material should be used in LED illuminated vanity mirror

2019-12-29 20:17:40

Most of the materials of the mirror are copper, stainless steel, aluminum and zinc alloy. The surface technology of the mirror body is mostly selected as sticker printing, acrylic inlay, glass inlay, diamond inlay, silk screen printing, laser, carving and other technologies. Each process has its own characteristics. Why also choose acrylic as material? Acrylic has many advantages.

Excellent optical properties (light transmittance up to 92%); high surface luster, bright color, fullness, smoothness and flatness, good hardness; chemical corrosion resistance; stable function, not easy to deform; complete product series, colorful color and various surface effects; stable physical function (easy to form, strong plasticity); strong weather resistance, UV resistance, not easy to oxidize (high and low resistance) High temperature deformation resistance: 70 ℃ for high temperature and 50 ℃ for low temperature; green environmental protection and recycling of waste materials; excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance; easy to clean and protect; no fading, loss of light or opening in the field for 5-8 years. Excellent impact resistance.

Acrylic make-up mirror can be processed in different shapes according to different requirements of customers, and can also be customized with various types of screen printing or laser fonts, colors, characters and pictures according to customers' requirements.

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