How to wipe the LED illuminated vanity mirror

2019-12-29 20:18:55

Mirror maintenance and daily use precautions the mirror is afraid of moisture, because the mirror glass is generally cut before use. Water vapor will simply enter the mirror surface from the surrounding surface cut by the glass knife, corroding the mirror surface, causing mildew spots and rust spots. Therefore, the expert tips: might as well after buying back the mirror, first in the mirror around the surface coated with a layer of paint, at the same time in disharmony also coated with a layer. Usually, the mirror should be placed in a dry place. Do not hang it on the wall or close to the washbasin. Do not touch the mirror with wet hands, and do not wipe the mirror with wet cloth, to avoid increasing the humidity, so that the light layer of the mirror will turn black. Mirrors cannot be exposed to salt, grease and acids, which simply corrode them. The mirror surface shall be wiped with a soft dry cloth or cotton to avoid the mirror surface being brushed; or it shall be wiped with a soft cloth or emery cloth dipped with some fire oil or wax; it can also be wiped with a cloth dipped in milk to make the mirror and frame clear and bright. In addition, it can also be wiped with oil absorption paper. The mirror frame shall be wiped with detailed soft cotton cloth or cotton and worsted silk to prevent the frame from rusting. Before bathing, soap can be painted on the mirror surface, and then wiped with a dry cloth. A layer of soap liquid film is formed on the mirror surface, which can prevent the mirror surface from being blurred, and astringent make-up water or detergent can also be used. Use a dry cloth dipped with a proper amount of detergent to smear on the mirror surface and spread evenly. The active ingredients in xijieling can effectively avoid the condensation of water vapor on the mirror surface and play a good role in anti fog. Share tips for cleaning mirrors to help you deal with home issues easily.

1. If there is any stain on the mirror in the room, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in some fire oil or wax. Do not use a wet cloth after wiping, otherwise the mirror will become blurred and the glass mirror will be corroded.

2. Milk wipe, you can use a cloth dipped in milk to wipe the mirror, can make the mirror clear, bright as new.

3. The bathroom mirror surface is often fumigated by hot air, so it is not clear. You can change the soap liquid, soap liquid, detergent or make-up water on the mirror surface. These kinds of liquid can have a good effect, and then wipe with dry cloth. Because a layer of film will be formed on the mirror surface to avoid the confusion of the mirror surface, so that you no longer worry about the fog hanging on the mirror surface. This method can be used for a period of time, and is recommended.

4. Wipe with water vinegar, dip the newspaper in the water vinegar solution prepared according to the ratio of 2:1, and then dry with a dry cloth, the mirror will be bright as new.

5. The newspaper wipes the mirror surface, first wipes the mirror with the wet cloth, then wipes the mirror surface water with the newspaper, may let the mirror surface clean.

6. To wipe with white spirit, you can take one dry and one wet two cloth, first wipe the mirror with a wet cloth, and then use a dry cloth dipped in a small amount of white spirit to wipe vigorously, you can be clean and bright.

7. If you wipe the onion, you can divide the onion into two parts and wipe the surface of the mirror with a section. When the onion juice is not dry, you can quickly wipe it with a dry cloth, and the mirror will be very bright.

8. Shampoo wipe. Put some warm water in the basin and pour a few shampoo into it. It will be clean and bright if you dip it with a clean rag to wipe the mirror

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