Processing method of Jiangmen led cosmetic mirror surface

2019-12-29 20:19:22

There are two methods of glass forming reflective imaging surface: chemical silver plating and vacuum evaporation plating. The common one is chemical silver plating. This method is to dissolve silver nitrate in water, add ammonia water and sodium hydroxide solution and dilute them to silver hydroxide ammonia complex salt to make silver plating solution. Invert sugar or formaldehyde, potassium sodium tartrate solution as reducing solution. After the glass has been cut, ground (or polished if necessary) and cleaned, it is sensitized with stannous chloride solution, then cleaned, and then mixed with silver plating solution and reducing solution, it is immediately immersed on the surface. After the mirror surface is formed, it is cleaned, and then copper plating and protective paint can be applied. The vacuum evaporation method is to clean the glass, place it in the evaporation equipment with a vacuum degree of 0.1-10-4pa, electrify the spiral tungsten wire, generate a high temperature to improve the spiral aluminum alloy into a gaseous state, and deposit it on the surface of the glass to form a mirror. It can also be heated by electron gun instead of tungsten wire. The vacuum evaporation method can also process the lubricated metal surface into a mirror surface.

A kind of classification of mirror, mainly refers to the small mirror with exquisite shape and easy to carry. Other also refers to make-up desk mirror, also known as vanity mirror. The primary difference between a vanity mirror and a mirror is that they all have a different share of magnification. This makes it easier for the makeup artist to see the details of the part. Mirror is a kind of object with surface lubrication and reflecting light ability. The common mirror is the plane mirror, which is often used by people to arrange their appearance. Surface polished metal equipment with regular reflection function and glass or metal products plated with metal reflection film. There are two kinds of mirrors: plane mirror and curved mirror. Curved mirror has concave mirror and convex mirror. It is mainly used as the mirror of clothing, furniture, solar oven, lamp and searchlight, mirror telescope, car rearview mirror, etc.

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